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It's easy to do good

They were out of milk, bananas, eggs, and pretty much everything else besides canned food and a box of crackers. Since 89-year-old Henry gave up driving, he and his wife Shirley rarely had a way to get to the grocery store. It was getting harder and harder to eat good food. What to do? That's where LIFE ... and you... come in.

"Now we get Meals on Wheels delivered right to us every day. The volunteers are so wonderful. They always ask how we're doing; it's a welfare check that gives us the feeling that somebody cares about us. And let me tell you, the meals are fantastic and very healthy. I think we eat healthier now than when I was cooking! It is all so unbelievable, and I am extremely grateful everyday for LIFE ElderCare."

On top of that, every week or so another kind volunteer from our VIP Rides program drives them to the store, helps them find things, and even reminds them of what they said they need to buy!

Your donation to LIFE ElderCare not only brings meals, rides, friends, and strength to seniors throughout our neighborhoods. It brings them the assurance that someone still cares about them, that they are not alone, and that LIFE is still good.

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